Somewhere in your past is a moment caught in a shaft of sunlight slanting between the whispering trees and the whirr of unseen wings. Do you still believe?

It is not difficult to believe, here in my tiny studio, deep in the Kent countryside. I think that the little folk are all around us, in every hedge, ditch and field as we go about our daily business. Or maybe, you share your home with some unseen guests. Remember to be kind to your house imps or they may make mischief!

If you fancy a bit of fun and whimsy, make a cup of tea, have a seat and join me here in Pixieland.

I suppose I am an artist although that seems too grand a title for someone who works in such a tiny world. I prefer to think of myself as a vintage style illustrator. I am influenced by the works of Margaret Tarrant and Cicley Mary Barker. As well as drawing, I like to make things. Everything in the shop is exclusive to Made in Pixieland and because many things are handmade by me, they are available in limited numbers.

Please contact me, if you would like a custom item or there is something you would like to see in the shop.

Claire Maraldo